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I am experienced in IoT with ESP32 / 8266.8285 ESPs with HTTPS communication to provide a high level of security and advanced electronics to solve the most complex problems that may have existed in IoT. I am also in Design with a realistic 3D design and a minimalist 2D illustration.


APP developer

Digital link algerie

I work as a consultant in design and application development, for OMNIA and i am co-founder of FIDELIZY future concepts in DLA.

2018 - 2019

IOT Developer (co-founder)

I've been looking for the easiest way to solve a ticket management problem, so I created an algorithm that works under an IoT to syncronize the entries of an event, with an android app and Desktop app to control and check the system in place.


IOT Developer

in Freelancer

Work for clients with big projects ( IOT PART ) the more interesting project is : using ESP8266 to connect fuel pump in data collect center for real controle of fuel stock. .

2015 - 2019

3D Designer


I work like interier designer with a lot of architects, conception of realistic 3D design

2013 - 2017

3D Designer

in Freelancer

Design objects in 3D mesh to make a prototype of manufacturing and visualization.

2016 - 2019

2D Designer


Activist in more than one cultural association making logos and graphic illustration for events .

September 2017 - 2019


University of Badji mokhtar annaba

automatic industrial


2015 - 2019


Programming Languages & Tools
3D & 2D Designing Tools
  • Prototyping and coding IOT
  • 3D / 2D design and illustration
  • Hardware debugging and reverse engineering
  • Coding and implementation of the APP


Apart from being an IOT developer & 3D/2D Designer, I enjoy most of my time being in events or with friends. I am passionate about chess games. I spend my time on the beach because of the good weather.

When I'm inside, I watch series/movies and I love RICK AND MORTY (You Son of a Bitch, I'm In), I think being yourself is the best thing you can do so I spend the rest of the time doing electronics, Designing new 3D scenes, test what new boards can do, testing concepts ( hack, algorithmic, AI ...)

Awards & Certifications

  • 4 ed Place Bone Startup 2014
  • 1 st Place ESTI Startup 2017
  • 2 ed Place in ESTI Startup 2018
  • selected in the top 10 best projects in CERIST Challenge Days 2018
  • 1 stPlace Corona virus prevention competition in Badji Mokhtar Annaba
  • Arduino Course with Vimtech CLUB
  • Arduino day with HTIC CLUB